Unleash the Magic: Lenovo’s Pioneer Accessories for ThinkBook!

Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo, is broadening its Magic Bay range with pioneering accessories, taking a leaf out of Motorola's book. The Magic Bay Studio, a 4K webcam module for ThinkBook laptops that includes two speakers, was unveiled at CES .

Motorola's 2016 Moto Z, despite its lack of success, utilized devoted modules – an idea that Lenovo has now adopted in their laptop range. Some of these modules include an external battery and a pico-projector. It's an innovative concept, allowing for a modular design that provides users with a high-quality camera module, without the necessity to purchase it if it's not needed.

ThinkBook's New Accessories

At , Lenovo showcased the Magic Bay Studio, an exceptional 4K webcam module tailored for ThinkBook laptops, encompassing two speakers. The modular design opens up numerous possibilities for users, with options including an additional light, another 4K webcam, an LTE module, a removable SSD for additional storage, an external battery, and an SD card reader. Currently, this series of modules is exclusively compatible with the ThinkBook 16p Gen 5 and ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 models.

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Future Concepts

Lenovo is persistently experimenting with the Magic Bay concept and plans to extend it to more models in the future. Among the proposed concepts are a 10-inch screen that attaches to the laptop, a mirror with an LED light designed for video calls, and a small circular screen showing a smiling figure that syncs with an companion on the computer.

Additional Module Options

Besides the already mentioned modules, Lenovo has also hinted at the possibility of including a fan and an aromatherapy diffuser module. The magic of the Magic Bay concept lies in its similarity to the Moto Z's concept, although it remains unclear whether it will attract the users' interest as intended.

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