Watch Out! The Scary Trick Tow Truck Operators Use On The Waze App

Unscrupulous tow truck operators are taking advantage of unsuspecting motorists by misusing the Waze app to trick them into paying exorbitant towing charges.

Exploitation of Waze App

Waze alerts are being exploited by dishonest tow truck operators. These operators manipulate the alerts to reach the location of a vehicle breakdown before the authorized tow truck arrives. The unsuspecting driver, in most cases, falls for their tricks and ends up using their service.

Exorbitant Charges for Towing

Once the unsanctioned operators take control, they overcharge the driver for the towing service. A normal towing service that usually costs a few hundred euros is inflated to several thousand euros by these deceitful operators. The drivers, unfortunately, find themselves in a fix as they cannot retrieve their vehicle until they settle the inflated fee.

How to Prevent This Scheme

An effective way to keep one safe from this common involves contacting the insurance company or the police. They can provide the exact name of the tow truck company assigned to handle the breakdown. If there is a mismatch between the name provided by the authorities and the company on the scene, extra caution is needed. The driver should verify the identity of the tow truck company before agreeing to use their services.

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