Apple and Paramount in Talk: The Future of Streaming Services?

and Paramount are reportedly in discussions for a joint streaming service, according to industry insiders. This potential move towards a combined subscription at a more affordable cost could attract new subscribers and retain existing ones in the face of inflation.

Details of the Potential Partnership

The tech giant and the entertainment company are working on a deal that could lower the cost of accessing their content. Currently in , a subscription to Apple TV+ is priced at 9.99 euros per month and to Paramount+, it's 7.99 euros per month. A combined offering from the two companies could potentially be available at around 15 euros per month.

The Verizon Precedent

This model of bundled services isn't new, as evidenced by a similar plan implemented by the US telecom giant Verizon. The company offers access to Netflix's ad-supported version and Max, a merged platform of HBO Max and Discovery+, for just 10 dollars per month – a significant decrease from the regular combined cost of 17 dollars.

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The Future of Streaming Services

As per reports, the future may usher in a new era of mega-bundles of streaming services. This potential trend could see other streaming giants offering combined subscriptions. Imagine accessing Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video in offer – the amount of content at disposal would be immense.

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