Shocking! Prime Video’s Bumper Release in December 2023!

Get ready for a festive December packed with Christmas-themed movies on Prime Video. With focusing on the holiday season, and Disney+ also following suit, these two streaming platforms promise potpourri of Christmas-themed releases for December.

New Releases on Prime Video in December 2023

Prime Video has an array of movies coming in December 2023. The list includes:

  • “Robocop” trilogy (December 1)
  • “Network” (December 1)
  • “Braqueurs Amateurs” (December 1)
  • “Platoon” (December 1)
  • “Resident Evil: Death Island” (December 1)
  • “Ibiza” (December 1)
  • “Millennium- The Men Who Didn't Like Women” (December 1)
  • “Christmas at Candy Cane Lane” (December 1)
  • “Teen Wolf” (December 1)
  • “Mr. Link” (December 4)
  • “A Stunning Christmas!” (December 8)
  • “Paint” (December 8)
  • “Your Christmas Or Mine 2” (December 8)
  • “Merry Little Batman” (December 15)
  • “They Call Me Marseille” (December 20)
  • “Joker” (December 23)
  • “Silent Night” (December 29)
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Highlighted Movies Not to Miss

Among the new releases, there are a few standouts:

  • “Merry Little Batman”: A Christmas cartoon in Batman's universe that explores the father-son relationship between Batman and Damian Wayne.
  • “Christmas at Candy Cane Lane”: This comedy movie revolves around a man's quest to win his neighborhood's annual Christmas house decorating contest.
  • “A Stunning Christmas!”: This is a French Christmas movie that brings together the elements of body swaps and Christmas wishes.

Prime Video: An Affordable Streaming Platform

Prime Video continues to be a slightly more cost-effective choice compared to other platforms. Although it might be missing some popular series, Prime Video compensates with a diverse and rich catalogue. Also, what sets Prime Video apart from its competitors is its X-Ray feature and superior video quality.

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