Are You Aware of the Worrying Talent Shortage in Cybersecurity?

Are You Aware Of The Worrying Talent Shortage In Cybersecurity

Did you know there is a talent shortage in the cybersecurity sector and a need for new strategies to bridge the gap? The French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) recently released a study outlining this issue and suggesting progressive steps to address it. Three-Step Approach to Overcome Talent Shortage According to … Read more

Is Green Hydrogen the Future? This French Startup Thinks So!

Is Green Hydrogen The Future This French Startup Thinks So!

French start-up Lhyfe has gained substantial state financing, marking an exciting development for the green hydrogen industry. The funding will facilitate the construction of a large-scale green hydrogen production plant by 2028. Key Financial Support The total funding for Lhyfe’s ambitious project could reach as much as 149 million euros. This financial boost is set … Read more

Google Amplifies Its Crusade Against Online Threats

Google Amplifies Its Crusade Against Online Threats

Google’s Chrome web browser continues to improve with the steady refinement of its features. Leading the way in web surfing, Google has taken another step in enhancing its Safe Browsing feature, a key component in its fight against digital threats. Safe Browsing and Its Real-Time Protection Focused on the protection of user confidentiality, Google’s new … Read more

‘Web Distribution’: Apple’s Alarming New Feature for iOS Users

'web Distribution': Apple's Alarming New Feature For Ios Users

Apple is stepping forward with a new initiative enabling iOS apps to be downloaded directly from websites. This significant move, integrated into the most recent update – iOS 17.4, is targeted primarily for users in Europe. Web Distribution: A new Apple feature The innovative feature, known as “Web Distribution”, is slated for launch with a … Read more

“Pornhub against New EU Regulations: Legal Battle Continues”

With the enforcement of the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) on the horizon, the online adult entertainment industry is at odds with the newly imposed regulations. At the center of this dispute are “very large online platforms” (VLOPs) including Pornhub. The DSA and VLOPs The DSA sets new rules for VLOPs, including the need to … Read more

Discover AMD’s FreeSync: The Next-Gen Display Revolution

Discover Amd's Freesync: The Next Gen Display Revolution

Delve into the evolving world of display standard, FreeSync – a brainchild of AMD, designed to be a flexible alternative to NVIDIA’s G-Sync. Unveiled in 2015, it had an open-door policy to monitor quality certification, often drawing criticism for being lenient on quality control. In response to the criticism, AMD launched FreeSync 2 in 2017 … Read more

Uncover the Genius Behind Google’s Newest Acquisition: Photomath

Uncover The Genius Behind Google's Newest Acquisition: Photomath

Photomath, an innovative app that effortlessly solves math problems, is being championed by Google. This free app needs just a quick scan of a problem to present an immediate solution. Developed by Microblink, a Croatian company, in 2014, the app works equally well on both simple and complex math problems. In 2022, the renowned tech … Read more

Staggering Surge in Brand SMS: You Won’t Believe the Numbers!

Staggering Surge In Brand Sms: You Won't Believe The Numbers!

In 2023, the world experienced a remarkable surge in brand SMS messages, marked by a 4.1% increase from the previous year, totalling a staggering 13.34 billion messages. Popularity of “Push SMS” The surge was largely driven by the popularity of “Push SMS”, predominantly used for tracking deliveries or generating codes for banking apps. On average, … Read more

Discover the Hidden Secrets of VPNs: What They Don’t Want You to Know

Discover The Hidden Secrets Of Vpns: What They Don't Want You To Know

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are frequently depicted as a secure haven for users. Yet, there are pivotal considerations worth noting when selecting a VPN – including speed, affordability, features and most notably, security. If you’re not careful, you might just be moving your data visibility problem from one place to another. The question of your … Read more

Why Has Apple Repeatedly Rejected Bing? The Inside Story!

Why Has Apple Repeatedly Rejected Bing The Inside Story!

Microsoft’s repeated attempt to convince Apple to adopt Bing is a saga that has been going on for more than a decade. Leaked documents from Google highlight how this tech giant has consistently declined Microsoft’s advances, resulting in Bing holding a mere 3.4% of the search engine market share. A Decade of Attempts Microsoft held … Read more