Bose and Kith Collaboration: A Fashion Statement in Earbuds Technology

Bose is set to make a fashion statement while delivering quality sound with the introduction of their new Ultra Open Earbuds, a result of a collaborative effort with Kith, the renowned fashion brand.

High Fashion Meets High-Tech

The Ultra Open Earbuds have been designed with the emphasis on style and lifestyle. This new offering from Bose carries similarities to their Sport Open Earbuds, a hit product launched in 2021.

Comfort and Quality Sound

These earbuds have an innovative design that allows them to clip onto the ear, making them comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. These earbuds do not feature active noise cancellation, but they utilize Bose's OpenAudio for sound spatialization.

This feature enables users to listen to their favorite audio content without being completely cut off from the surrounding environment, thereby improving safety and awareness.

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Exclusive Branding and Availability

The usual Bose logo has been replaced with the Kith logo, not only on the earbuds but also on the charging case, radiating exclusivity. These earbuds are priced at 300 dollars and will be available from the 22nd of January.

For those who are keen to get their hands on these trendy earbuds, it's worth noting that they are available in limited quantities. They will be sold exclusively via and at select Kith stores.

Earbuds Market Trend

The earbuds market is constantly evolving and expanding providing a plethora of choices for users for various uses. And with this latest release, Bose continues to play its part in shaping that landscape.

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