Canal+ Faces Shocking Fine Over Free Movie Broadcasts!

The Paris court has imposed a on for freely broadcasting movies during the Covid-19 pandemic, a move that significantly affected its rival, TF1.

Canal+ Free Broadcasting During Early Pandemic Days

During the initial phase of the pandemic, Canal+ decided to offer its channels without any charge for a duration of 15 days in April 2020. This decision led to a situation where a number of films, for which TF1 secured the broadcasting rights, were available for the public to watch freely.

Canal+’s Legal Misstep

As per the law, Canal+ was not authorized to take such an action. As a result, Canal+ found itself in the sights of TF1. The media giant accused Canal+ of engaging in “counterfeiting” and “unfair ”, subsequently leading to legal action.

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Canal+ Fined 1.5 Million Euros

The court ordered Canal+ to pay a fine of 1.5 million euros. The fine included 680,000 euros for broadcasting “Avengers: Endgame”, 740,000 euros for “All Inclusive” and “Jusqu'ici tout va bien” and 100,000 euros in moral damages.

TF1’s Initial Demands

It's worth noting that TF1's initial damage claims amounted up to 12 million euros.

Canal+ Reacts to the Judgment

Following the judgment, Canal+ is mulling over the possibility of an appeal.

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