Unleash Fastest Wi-Fi Ever with Freebox Ultra!

Get ready for the latest breakthrough in the world of internet boxes, Freebox Ultra, the innovative product released by French telecom company, Free.

Feature-packed and Futuristic

The Freebox Ultra is not your average internet box. It boasts of futuristic specifications, the most notable being Wi-Fi 7. This means faster and more efficient wireless connectivity, making streaming, , and other online activities smoother than ever.

Entertainment Galore

Not just about internet connectivity, the Freebox Ultra serves up a comprehensive entertainment portfolio. Users can enjoy platforms including Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and Universal+. However, it must be noted that the initial offer only includes live .

Flexible Canal+ Packages

While live Canal+ is part of the base offer, users can ramp up their entertainment quotient with a broader Canal+ package. This optional addition is available at a marginal cost, significantly less than the standalone Canal+ offer that is priced at €22.99/month.

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Pricing Details

The base Freebox Ultra offer is available to users at €49.99/month for the first year, and €59.99/month thereafter. For those wishing to enrich their Canal+ experience, an extra €7/month opens up access to six more channels as well as TV+. This is visibly a cost-effective offer compared to the standalone Canal+ offer.

Additional Upgrades

Free has confirmed that users have the flexibility to upgrade the base Freebox Ultra offer for additional channels. Canal+ packages with focus on sports or cinema are available at an extra cost of €14/month. This customization allows users to personalize their entertainment as per their preferences.

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