Danger Alert: The Risks of AI Generated Voices in Telemarketing

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the issue of -generated voices being used for has generated some serious friction. Different countries approach the matter differently, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S. and 's telemarketing demonstrate.

FCC’s Stance on AI for Telemarketing

The FCC in the U.S. has taken a stern stance against the use of AI-generated voices for telemarketing. It is now illegal to use such technology, driven by a mandate under the local law, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). These calls, which exploit artificial voices for telemarketing, scam attempts, or manipulations, are now under direct scrutiny from local law enforcement.

Last November, the FCC initiated a thorough investigation specifically focusing on the role of in these robocalls. This has been seen as part of a national effort to fight against calls generated by an artificial voice.

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The FCC isn't working alone either. They are strengthening partnerships with various law enforcement agencies all over the country with the aim to completely eliminate these fraudulent calls.

AI in Telemarketing: France’s Current Landscape

In contrast, the use of AI-generated voices for telemarketing in France is unregulated. This means there are no restrictions at the moment, yet future measures could be considered to control such practices.

However, that doesn't mean France is a free-for-all for telemarketers. To safeguard consumers, various existing solutions are in place. These include the Bloctel opposition list, Signal SPAM for fraudulent emails, and the “red list” with the service provider to restrict the publication of contact details in directories, whether electronic or paper.

Of these, Bloctel is a public service entirely dedicated to protecting consumers against intrusive telemarketing. It provides an avenue for individuals to register themselves on a list opposing telemarketing, thereby avoiding unwanted calls from marketers.

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