Why You Need to Avoid VPNs Without Split Tunneling

Why You Need To Avoid Vpns Without Split Tunneling

Discover how Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enhance your privacy and security online by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and its server. Get a grip on the popular split tunneling feature that allows you to customise your online activities, deciding which should be safeguarded with a VPN and which can occur over a normal … Read more

Danger Alert: The Risks of AI Generated Voices in Telemarketing

Danger Alert: The Risks Of Ai Generated Voices In Telemarketing

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the issue of AI-generated voices being used for telemarketing has generated some serious friction. Different countries approach the matter differently, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S. and France’s telemarketing regulations demonstrate. FCC’s Stance on AI for Telemarketing The FCC in the U.S. has taken a … Read more

Discover the Hidden Power of pCloud: Top Online Storage in 2024

Discover The Hidden Power Of Pcloud: Top Online Storage In 2024

Discover pCloud, the leading provider in secure online storage services enjoyed by approximately 19 million customers around the world. Offering advanced cybersecurity and privacy features, pCloud is considered one of the most dependable online file storage solutions in 2024, holding its ground against major competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive. pCloud’s Offering pCloud offers 10 … Read more

Avoid the Facebook Data ‘Trap’: What You Need to Know

Avoid The Facebook Data 'trap': What You Need To Know

With a viral message circulating on Facebook alleging that new rules permit the social network to use user photos, the platform is buzzing with activity. The message encourages users to publicly request Meta, the parent company, not to use their personal data. The Viral Message The message has been shared widely, especially since Meta’s announcement … Read more