Get Ready: WhatsApp’s Groundbreaking Call Interface Update is Coming!

Get Ready: Whatsapp's Groundbreaking Call Interface Update Is Coming!

WhatsApp, the globally popular communication app, is on the brink of rolling out a fresh update. This new modification will completely overhaul its audio/video call interface, bringing with it a much-anticipated modern feel. At the heart of this revamp is a redesigned toolbar which currently appears at the bottom of the screen during voice calls. … Read more

WhatsApp New Feature: Pin a Message, How Does It Work?

Whatsapp New Feature: Pin A Message How Does It Work

WhatsApp, a popular application used by billions of users for easy communication, takes yet another leap in enhancing user experience. It introduces a new feature allowing users to pin messages in conversations. This update mirrors a similar feature in Discord, renown among administrators and group members for enabling easy access to important information. Although currently … Read more

“Discover the Secret Language Taking Over WhatsApp”

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has become a hotbed for coded messages among young users. With this secret language, they communicate complex emotions and thoughts in a cryptic fashion, often leaving elders baffled. Common Coded Messages on WhatsApp The series “143” is a recurrent one, representing “I love you”. Each number stands for a letter … Read more