Discover the Secret Problem Haunting Apple’s Vision Pro

Reports are pouring in from users of the high-end mixed reality headset, Vision Pro. The device is apparently experiencing screen cracks.

Experiences of Unhappy Users

Some owners of this pricey gadget have noticed a crack appearing on their screens. The device was reported to be well-preserved, with cracks surfacing seemingly overnight. The issue, though seemingly limited, has sparked speculation that it could be due to a production malfunction. This is based on the similarity in crack appearance across different Vision Pro units.

Costly Repairs

The owners facing this issue could be looking at exorbitant repair costs. Screen replacement with AppleCare comes in at , whereas without it, the cost shoots up to a whopping .

Apple’s Response

As of now, the tech giant has yet to comment on the issue. This has left the affected users in a soup, unsure of the cause and solution for the problem.

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Awaiting an Improved Version

A few users may be inclined to wait for a future, improved version of the Vision Pro. The current situation has certainly caused some level of apprehension among potential buyers and existing users.

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