Be Alert: How Scammers in France are Overcharging Taxi Customers using Google!

Since May 2023, has been hit by a wave of taxi scams, affecting not only taxi companies but also unsuspecting customers. Stay tuned as we unravel how fraudsters are taking advantage of the search engine and foreign pirate phone platforms to execute their devious plans.

The Scam Explained

Con-artists are impersonating reputable taxi companies such as G7 and Taxi Lyonnais. These fraudsters use Google AdWords and mirror sites to trap their victims. What's even more distressing, customers are charged up to 40% more than the usual fare.

How the Scam Works: The In-depth Operation

  • Creating counterfeit websites: Fraudsters craft mirror sites mimicking the company names, logos, and graphics of reputable taxi companies. These sites lack legal information to verify their authenticity.
  • Booking rides: Unsuspecting customers book their rides either online or via phone calls.
  • Confirmation SMS: After booking, customers receive a confirmation message.
  • Pickup: Rather than a licensed taxi, a different car arrives to pick up the customer.
  • Overcharging: Customers end up paying 40% more than the regular fare.
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Google’s Involvement in the Scam

Google has been accused of indirectly supporting these scammers. Fraudsters use Google AdWords to augment their visibility, taking advantage of prime exposure that new sites get on AdWords.

No Change Despite Complaints

Addressing the situation proves challenging, mainly because these scamming sites are hosted abroad. The organizations behind these operations are well-structured, communicating via platforms like Telegram, and difficult to locate. France's Directorate General for Policy, Consumer Affairs, and Control (DGCCRF) has been notified about these scams.

A Future Filled With Cyber Threats

As we look ahead, the prediction is that cyber threats will increase in . Thus, the need for reliable antivirus software is more significant than ever.

Stay Protected with Antivirus Software

We have compiled a handy list of recommended antivirus software (not included in this summary) to help protect you from such scams. Stay safe and be vigilant.

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