Exposed: How REKK Gang Stole Millions from Amazon

tackles head-on by suing the notorious gang REKK, who have been manipulating the company's return and refund system.

The online retail giant alleges that the gang stole millions of dollars through their fraudulent activities. This scheme lasted for approximately a year, during which REKK caused substantial losses.

REKK’s Strategy and Operation

REKK lured customers on social media with attractive deals on high-end products such as consoles and laptops. The reached platforms like Reddit and Discord, and even dark social networks like Telegram, where they boasted 30,000 subscribers.

The gang's operation wasn't as simple as posting fake offers. They went further to bribe Amazon employees to approve fake returns. According to Amazon, the hackers bribed at least seven former employees, tricking them into approving returns each worth thousands of dollars.

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The Looted Items

The list of stolen items was not limited to game consoles and laptops. Other high-value items such as smartphones, and even a 24-karat gold coin, were reported stolen. These items were subsequently fraudulently returned or reported as damaged to claim refunds.

Global Accomplices and Legal Action

REKK's operation was not confined to a single location. They had accomplices spread across the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Greece, and Lithuania. Amazon's response has been to seek an injunction to put a halt to the fraudulent activities.

An example of those accused include Andrew Ling, who reportedly ordered five iPads and conspired with REKK to claim refunds. The tactic used was a phishing attack that manipulated an Amazon distribution center employee to mark the iPads as ‘returned' in the system.

Amazon’s Response to Fraud

Amazon is no stranger to fraudulent activities and as such invests heavily in . In 2022 alone, the company used up .2 billion and employed 15,000 people just to combat theft, fraud, and abuse on its platform.

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