WhatsApp New Feature: Pin a Message, How Does It Work?

, a popular application used by billions of users for easy communication, takes yet another leap in enhancing . It introduces a new feature allowing users to pin messages in conversations.

This mirrors a similar feature in Discord, renown among administrators and group members for enabling easy access to important information. Although currently only one pinned message per conversation is allowed on WhatsApp unlike in Discord, this upgrade is considered a significant development in the app's offerings.

To access the new feature, the user has to press the desired message for slightly over a second, which leads to a ‘Pin' option. It's also noteworthy that only one message can be selected to activate this feature. Once a message is pinned, it remains at the top of the conversation for either 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, depending on the user's preference.

Please don't confuse this function with the bookmark icon mentioned earlier, as they aren't directly related.

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The application, which supports voice and video chats and is available in French, is gradually rolling out this new feature. It may take several days before it becomes available to all users. Moreover, future might bring along permission options for group admins, adding another layer to this feature.

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