Imagine Your Future iPhone Without Visible Camera: The Shocking Truth!

, with its ambition to design future iPhones to resemble a simple sheet of glass, may not make significant changes such as incorporating a front-facing camera (FFC) under screens until 2026 or later

Under-Panel Camera Development

LG Innotek, deemed by Apple as the most reliable partner for this venture, is developing the to make this possible. The company is working on the under-panel camera (UPC), a feature where camera holes remain unseen to the eye.

Initial Rollout Plan

The original forecast suggests that we might see this advancement in the iPhone versions of 2027. However, the first step might witness an iPhone model, potentially iPhone 19, using the LG technology solely for Face ID sensors, while the FFC stays visible.

Gradual Implementation

The full execution of placing sensors under the screen is expected to be a steady process, extending over an extended period. The selfie sensor's positioning beneath the screen is expected approximately two years post the Face ID when the technology is more sophisticated.

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Complexities and Delays

The delay in this implementation is primarily attributed to the technical difficulties involved in embedding the selfie module under the screen, in contrast to the Face ID sensors.

Choice of LG Over Competitors

Apple has not stumbled upon this technology; it has evaluated the underpanel camera technology of competitors, likely Display. However, LG's technology was found to be more compelling, leading to their partnership for this project.

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