What “No More Green Stickers on Vehicles” Really Means for You

Get ready for a major change in the way car insurance is represented on your vehicle! Starting from April 1, , the green insurance sticker on your car windshields will no longer be necessary, a move announced by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and (Bercy) and confirmed by Minister Bruno Le Maire in 2022.

Ending of Fines for Non-display of Sticker

No longer will you be fined for not displaying your green insurance sticker. This decision is double-edged: it removes cumbersome paperwork, and also helps in reducing the environmental footprint. It's estimated that we'll save around 1200 tons of CO2 annually – a much-needed step towards a greener future.

Maintaining Car Insurance is Still Mandatory

Even with the removal of the physical proof, don't be mistaken: having car insurance is still necessary. However, you also won't be required to carry around an insurance certificate anymore. So, remember to keep your policy current!

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Advent of Real-time Data Filing System

In line with this change, a real-time data filing system will be implemented. It will be mandatory for insurers to register new contracts within 72 hours max. This transition is aimed at digitizing and streamlining the insurance process, making it more convenient for the insurers and insured alike.

Modernization of Law Enforcement Tools

This new approach calls for a leap into the future, with law enforcement tools getting a modern upgrade. The authorities claim that this digital system will be more reliable and easier to navigate than the traditional paper-based one.

Green Sticker Still Required Outside EU

Keep in mind that despite this change, if you're traveling to some non- countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, or Bosnia, you'll still need to display your green sticker. Ensure you check the local guidelines before hitting the road in these locations.

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