Is a Swiss Newcomer About to Topple Gmail?

Gmail holds a substantial lead in the email market, with an impressive 1.8 billion users across the globe and an astonishing 121 billion emails exchanged every day. But, relative newcomer Infomaniak Mail is poised to give Gmail a run for its money. This Swiss hosting service is holding its own against giants like Outlook and iCloud.

One of the key factors that sets Infomaniak apart from the competition is its commitment to eco-friendly practices and dedication to user privacy. By refraining from analyzing user data for profit and ensuring that all data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland, the company guarantees privacy and full compliance with stringent European laws. To strengthen its commitment to privacy, Infomaniak is currently exploring email solutions. For now, users can utilize the Mailvelope extension with the webmail or activate PGP encryption via the Thunderbird client.

Infomaniak's user base is growing at a considerable pace, with nearly 2 million people turning to its services daily. Free email addresses with substantial 20GB storage have contributed to this surge in popularity. While businesses constitute the majority of the user base, a noticeable shift is being observed with individual users seeking an alternative to 's email and storage services.

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The company understands the importance of responding to user needs and is in the process of developing mail labels, a widely requested feature by users migrating from Gmail. In addition, Infomaniak Mail boasts an assistant to aid users in drafting and correcting emails.

The company's plans don't stop at just meeting the needs of the current users. Infomaniak is also investigating ways to automate email and file classification, generate workday summaries, schedule meetings automatically, and create multilingual websites, all aimed at improving user experience. The firm's focus is to add these highly requested features to its Mail and Calendar before contemplating integration with third-party products.

Future projections indicate possible enhancements to storage options for Infomaniak's kDrive. Currently, the options are a free 15GB or a paid 2TB, but by 2024, the company plans to introduce intermediate options to cater to individual users.

Furthermore, the projected 2024 features include scheduled email sending, snooze, comprehensive management of meeting rooms in the Calendar, smart event planning, and significant improvements to signature and autoresponder management in businesses.

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Infomaniak's offerings go beyond just email services. The company provides 20GB storage, personalized domain options, and is accessible via iOS and Android apps. While the service does not boast native encryption, its base in Switzerland solidifies the company's commitment to user privacy and data protection.

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