Unbelievable! Microsoft Gives Windows 10 a New Lifeline

Great news for users! extends the life of its popular operating system, promising until 2028.

Originally, the tech giant planned to end updates in 2025. However, they have recently announced an extension to the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program. This move allows for continued monthly security patches beyond the initial end date.

Previously, this program was exclusive to businesses and professionals. The exciting change is that the ESU program is now open to all Windows 10 users. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to disclose the cost of this extended support.

What does the ESU program entail?

  • Security updates to tackle critical and important security issues
  • No feature updates included
  • Aimed primarily at businesses struggling with computer upgrades

Windows 10 Beyond 2025

So, what happens after October 14, 2025? Rest assured, Windows 10 will continue working as usual. The ESU program is essentially a way to ensure your system is protected from possible threats.

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Alternative Solutions

Microsoft isn't limiting businesses to the ESU program. An alternative they offer is access to virtual machines via Microsoft 365. This option enables older Windows 10 computers, which aren't eligible for a upgrade, to access Windows 11 via cloud streaming. The icing on the cake? This virtual system is based on Windows 11 and benefits from security updates without any additional charges.

Windows 10 has proven to be the world's most popular Microsoft operating system. With key features such as touch input, Windows Hello facial recognition, a revamped screenshot tool, and an improved window layout, it's no surprise that it is installed on over a billion active PCs.

With the extension of the ESU program, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 while ensuring their systems remain secure and updated.

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