Is this the Future? Massive Green Hydrogen Production Facility Opens in Brittany

Marking a new era for in Brittany, , Lhyfe has recently inaugurated an extensive green hydrogen production site, one of the largest in the country. Named Lhyfe Bretagne, the facility started its operations on December 15. This is the second installation for the company following their first facility in Occitanie.

Lhyfe Bretagne: A Significant Green Hydrogen Plant

The plant stands as the first of its kind in the region and one of the most substantial in France. By 2026, it plans to manufacture up to 80 tons of hydrogen daily as part of the Vallée Hydrogène Grand Ouest project.

Location and Production

Strategically located near the VSB wind farm, Lhyfe Bretagne provides constant 5 MW electrolysis. The facility can yield up to two tons of hydrogen per day, which translates to an annual capacity of 575 tons.

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Decarbonized Hydrogen

The site employs water electrolysis driven by sources, signifying a pledge for an entirely decarbonized hydrogen.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

By , Lhyfe intends to supply two hydrogen refueling stations, operated by HyGO. These will recharge passenger boats and buses in the local vicinity. In time, 19 buses and two boats will use hydrogen as their sole source of power.

Compact Design

The facility boasts a compact and containerized design, which minimizes its footprint and permits easy expansion. The site sprawls over 6,800 m², including containerized buildings, truck movement areas, and truck loading lodges.

Green Energy Initiatives

This venture places Brittany in a strategic position for decarbonized energy production, marking the start of a green energy era. The region now stands alongside Occitanie, with both projects led by Lhyfe.

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