Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Fixes Major Security Flaws: Details Inside

The much-anticipated Patch Tuesday for March 2024 is now live, addressing critical fixes and resolving issues that have been hampering PC updates.

As part of the routine, the Patch Tuesday releases happen every second Tuesday of the month, with the latest patches available for both Windows 10 and users. The March Patch Tuesday is titled “KB5035853” for Windows 11 versions 23H2 and 22H2 and “KB5035854” for Windows 11 21H2.

The recent Patch Tuesday not only resolves security concerns but also rectifies an issue many users faced during February's . This issue pertained to a failure in installing updates when the download reached 96%, which consequently led to a reversion to the previously installed update. With the introduction of the KB5035853/KB5035854 update, this installation bug has been successfully fixed.

Security Fixes

With the increasing threats to cyber security, Microsoft has always been proactive in resolving vulnerabilities. This Patch Tuesday manages to fix a total of 36 vulnerabilities in Windows 11, which includes two critical ones. Windows 10 is not left behind either, with 39 security vulnerabilities fixed, including two critical ones. One of these posed a for remote code execution (CVE-2024-21407).

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Windows 11 Enhancements

Windows 11, with its redesigned interface, efficient start groups, customizable widgets, improved snap, and enhanced Microsoft Teams integration, offers a user-friendly platform. These enhancements aim to optimize and enrich the day-to-day use for a diverse group of users, including professionals, creators, and routine users.

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