Sales of Electric Scooters in France Unexpectedly Slump!

Electric scooter sales in have seen a slump in 2023, with a drop of 10.7%. Despite the dip, the market has shown significant growth since the turn of the decade.

2023 Electric Scooter Sales

A total of 678,000 units were sold in 2023, marking a decrease from previous years. This could be attributed to various factors including the culmination of the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing regulatory pressure around the use of electric scooters.

Growth Trends in the Electric Scooter Market

Although sales figures dipped in 2023, the electric scooter market has enjoyed a steady growth since the 2020s. An impressive 3.25 million units have been sold, generating 1.14 billion euros in revenue.

The market value, however, saw a 20% drop in 2023, bringing it down to 277 million euros.

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Price Trends for Electric Scooters

The average scooter cost also saw its first decrease in 2023, lowering to 408 euros – a decrease of 9.9%. But don't celebrate just yet. Despite this decrease, the average cost is still on the higher side, compared to the 322 euros in 2020 and 341 euros in 2021.

Influencing Factors for Declining Sales and Cost

The sales drop and cost decrease can be accredited to many influences. These include inflation, rising energy costs, the shift towards more durable scooter models, and reduced travel distances – possibly tied to the end of the pandemic.

Regulatory Pressure on Electric Scooters

In addition to the economic factors, increasing regulatory pressure may have also played a part in the decreased sales. Requirements such as mandatory insurance, prohibition of passengers, and the use of sound signals, brakes, reflective devices, and front and rear lights have made scooters less appealing.

Moreover, a new regulation introduced in March has further tightened the rules. Scooter users now need to adhere to cycling signs, including traffic lights with cycling symbols, double cycling direction signs, and signs prohibiting cycling.

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