Scam that Took Advantage of 200,000 French Citizens: The Shocking Truth Unveiled

Recently, a fraudulent website embroiled 200,000 French citizens by offering them a chance to engage in Ukraine for a monthly pay of 5,000 euros. This hoax was unearthed by the Ministry of Armies, posing a fresh challenge in the battleground of information warfare.

Fake Website Unraveled

The website was a clever forgery of an official army website, making it appear authentic. It lured individuals by asking for personal data, placing an unusual focus on immigrants. A notable feature of this was the use of a fictitious identity: “Captain Paul, unit commander”.

Unveiling the Deception

An intensive investigation pursued by the Ministry of Armies, in cooperation with Viginum, a body combating foreign digital disruptions, exposed the site's true nature. Cyber fraud is certainly not a novelty, with instances regularly seen in special occasions or on widely visited websites. Illustrations of such schemes in the past include counterfeits of tax declaration websites and falsified versions of popular travel booking site,

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Shutting Down the Misinformation

Following its exposure, the deceptive website was promptly deactivated. For those genuinely interested in joining the French army, the legitimate website is Regrettably, there are no definite leads on those responsible for this deceitful operation.

A Web of Disinformation?

The plot suggests a disinformation campaign, possibly orchestrated by Russian or pro-Russian actors. The motive appears to be fostering an impression of the French army gearing up to intervene in Ukraine against Russia. This tactic is reminiscent of recent attempts such as circulation of fabricated images of French military convoys moving towards the Ukrainian border.

Battlefield in Cyberspace

This confrontation extends beyond just misinformation. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has previously witnessed cyber warfare, with a significant example being the cyber attack on Ukrainian operator Kyivstar in May 2023. Even French ministries have not been immune to such attacks.

France’s Stand Against Information Offensives

's approach towards these information offensives from Russia has shifted from an initial defensive stance, to a more proactive role in calling out these destabilization efforts. The belief is that these attempts are aimed at weakening French public backing for Ukraine.

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