Is the Honor Magic 6 Pro The Ultimate Smartphone for Photographers?

The Honor Magic 6 Pro convincingly joins the league of top-notch smartphones for photography, demonstrating its prowess with high-quality photos and a superlative AMOLED screen.

Photography Credentials

The Honor Magic 6 Pro's photography credentials are bolstered by its 50MP main sensor, equipped with a dual-aperture f/1.4-f/2 lens. This setup ensures a high level of detail, vivid colors, and great dynamic range in photos.

Not neglecting the need for versatility in modern smartphone photography, Honor includes a 180MP telephoto lens for capturing detailed images of distant objects, and a 50MP ultra-wide angle lens for group shots and panoramas.

For video enthusiasts, it allows 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, delivering crisp and smooth videos.

Adding to its versatility, it has won high ratings on DXOMARK for both photo and video, with particularly positive reviews for its in low-light and nighttime photography.

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A Superlative Display

The Magic 6 Pro showcases visuals on a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen. At a resolution of 2848 x 1312 pixels, and a pixel density of 456 pixels per inch, the display is bright, with vivid colors, high contrast, deep blacks, and brilliant whites.

It also supports HDR10+ technology, allowing for a wider dynamic range, while its 120 Hz refresh rate ensures a fluid and responsive .

Versus the Competition

In terms of , it can hold its own against other popular devices in a similar price range. The 15 Pro Max may offer a brighter screen and better performance, but it comes with a higher price tag. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, while also brighter and offering wider viewing angles, brings excellent performance but is priced higher than the Honor Magic 6 Pro.

Honor: A Brand Overview

Honor was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Huawei, but it operates independently now due to US sanctions against its parent company. Since its first international success with the Honor 6, the brand has continually been associated with elegance, high performance, and exceptional photo quality.

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Its upward trajectory has seen the brand release successful models such as the Honor 7 with a 20 MP sensor, Honor 9 that introduced a dual camera, the Honor 20 Pro with x3 optical zoom and quad-camera, the Honor 30 Pro+ featuring a 50 MP sensor, and now, the Honor Magic 6 Pro.

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