The Unexpected Return of Windows Phone: Can it Make a Comeback?

, an obsolete operating system by , continues to leave a mark with its impressive design and smooth user interface. Despite its inability to secure a dominant position in the market, its well-crafted design and accessibility are still memorable.

Microsoft’s Vision with Windows Phone

Microsoft's primary goal with Windows Phone was to bring the notable Windows experience to various devices like mobile phones, tablets, and consoles. The intention was to create a seamless user experience across different platforms.

Windows 10 Mobile on Mac – A YouTube Display

A YouTube channel named Nobel Tech recently demonstrated an example of a MacBook running Mobile. The YouTuber seemingly launched the Operating System using a bootable USB stick combined with the Boot Camp software.

The experimental setup showed that the MacBook's trackpad and keyboard were partially supported by the Windows 10 Mobile OS. On the downside, key components, such as the wifi chip, appeared non-functional.

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Windows 10 Mobile’s Adaptability

The demonstration shed light on the potential of Universal Windows Platform (UWP), a software created by Microsoft. UWP allows developers to conveniently adapt their applications for various Windows devices.

Several Windows Phone applications, including the calendar and settings menu, were shown to adapt flawlessly to a computer screen. This shows the adaptability of Windows 10 Mobile interface.

Challenges and Limitations

Running Windows 10 Mobile on a MacBook is far from practical. This experiment faced multiple hurdles including support issues for the OS, obsolescence of several features, and stability problems.

Some features, such as the notification menu, encountered difficulties while transitioning to the MacBook. The notification menu, in particular, did not adapt well to the new setting.

As of now, it remains unsure whether there will be future improvements or an optimization of the OS on MacBook. The uncertainty surrounding this OS continues, making it an interesting yet challenging prospect.

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