Will Windows Phone Finally Get a Proper YouTube App?

The relationship between and has always been tense. One of the main reasons for the downfall of Windows Phone is the scarcity of apps in its store compared to Android and iOS. A prime example of this issue is the YouTube app.

Work in Progress on YouTube App for Windows Phone

Despite Windows Phone being abandoned by in 2020, developers are putting in efforts to the YouTube app for the operating system. This requires a switch to a more advanced API. Once they succeed, the revitalized app will have access to Google's platform and be able to play its videos.

Features of the Updated App

The updated YouTube app might not come with a wide range of features. Its primary objective is to restore older versions. That said, the app could introduce potential new features such as a dark mode, an option that was absent in the prior version.

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Installation Process

Since the Windows Phone's app store is no longer operative, users will need to manually download and install the updated app.

Project Timeline

The developers aim to finish this project by March 15th.

Past Experiences

The YouTube app experience on Windows Phone was not up to par, which led other developers to create their own versions of the app. Microsoft's own version of the app was blocked by Google multiple times due to the absence of advertisements. The updated app could potentially include a similar feature to avoid YouTube ads.

YouTube: A Popular Streaming Platform

YouTube is a widely used enabling users to upload, watch, create themed channels, and grow an audience. Its continued popularity is due to its constant evolution over the years.

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