Surprising Hack Alert: Global Networks Endangered by ‘Arcane Door’ Malware!

Surprising Hack Alert: Global Networks Endangered By 'arcane Door' Malware!

A recent malware campaign has surfaced, raising alarms across networks secured by Cisco’s Adaptative Security Appliance (ASA). The campaign, dubbed “Arcane Door”, has set its sights on some significant networks worldwide. The objective of this intrusion is two-fold: executing remote commands and extracting sensitive data. Networks Under Threat The networks under threat include those safeguarding … Read more

Danger! Invisible Malware Stealing Your Banking Data: All You Need to Know

Danger! Invisible Malware Stealing Your Banking Data: All You Need To Know

SoumniBot is a high-tech malware specifically designed to attack Android devices, targeting banking data, primarily focusing on clients in South Korea. This potent malware is not only a significant threat to Android devices globally but also to personal information. Eluding Detection and Analysis SoumniBot uses refined techniques to avoid detection and analysis. Through manipulating files … Read more

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft’s Sensitive Data

Public Mistake: Azure Security Flaw Exposes Microsoft's Sensitive Data

Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, recently experienced a security issue, exposing sensitive information to the public, putting the company’s data and services at risk. Azure’s Security Flaw Azure, the cloud service provided by Microsoft, recently fell victim to a security flaw. This flaw led to the exposure of stored server information, making it accessible to the … Read more

Are You Aware of the Worrying Talent Shortage in Cybersecurity?

Are You Aware Of The Worrying Talent Shortage In Cybersecurity

Did you know there is a talent shortage in the cybersecurity sector and a need for new strategies to bridge the gap? The French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) recently released a study outlining this issue and suggesting progressive steps to address it. Three-Step Approach to Overcome Talent Shortage According to … Read more

Discover How the French Navy Battles Cyber Threats With Sextants

Discover How The French Navy Battles Cyber Threats With Sextants

In an effort to improve cybersecurity, the French Navy is revisiting traditional navigation methods by reintegrating the use of sextants on their ships. The Re-emergence of Sextants in Navigation Renewed adoption of sextants, which are tools used for measuring the angle between two objects, signifies the French Navy’s dedication to maintain a secure and reliable … Read more

Discover the Hidden Power of pCloud: Top Online Storage in 2024

Discover The Hidden Power Of Pcloud: Top Online Storage In 2024

Discover pCloud, the leading provider in secure online storage services enjoyed by approximately 19 million customers around the world. Offering advanced cybersecurity and privacy features, pCloud is considered one of the most dependable online file storage solutions in 2024, holding its ground against major competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive. pCloud’s Offering pCloud offers 10 … Read more