Discover What the New Government Site Reveals About Your Driving Points!

Discover the convenience of checking your remaining driving license points on the new government website. Benefit from a service that is official, straightforward and swift.

Connecting to the Service

For the users' ease, the connection to this service is made possible using FranceConnect. In order to create an account though, users are required to give personal details as well as driving license specifics.

View Your Current Balance

This service affords participants the chance to view their current point balance. It's worth noting that the points appearing on the screen are up to date at the moment of connection. Nonetheless, the display might not include possible pending infractions that have not been recorded in the system yet.

Digitalization Plans for the Future

Plans are underway to digitalize driving licenses from next year. This digital license will be easily accessible from smartphones through the Identity app. Though the physical license will not immediately be superseded by the digital version, this digitalization plan is considered a step forward.

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Digital License as a Useful Alternative

Soon, users will be able to present the digital license to law enforcement during checks. This is particularly handy for those individuals who may forget their physical license at home, but not their smartphones. Indeed, the digital license is seen as a useful alternative to the physical version, adding a layer of flexibility for France's drivers.

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