Dare to Know: China’s Game-Changing Move on Lunar Exploration

Dare To Know: China's Game Changing Move On Lunar Exploration

China’s ambitious lunar strategy took a leap forward in the early hours of March 20th with the third successful launch of the CZ-8 from Wenchang site. The highlight of this mission was the successful deployment of the Queqiao-2 relay probe to the Moon. Successful Mission of Queqiao-2 The Queqiao-2 relay probe, a key component of … Read more

China’s New Processor Outperforms Intel: What You Need to Know

China's New Processor Outperforms Intel: What You Need To Know

China makes a groundbreaking stride in the computing field with the launch of its latest processor, the Loongson 3A6000, boasting standout performance that even surpasses well-established rivals like 10th generation Intel processors and AMD Zen2 in Instructions Per Cycle (IPC). Loongson 3A6000: A Closer Look at the Specifications The Loongson 3A6000 comes equipped with a … Read more