Are You Aware of the Worrying Talent Shortage in Cybersecurity?

Did you know there is a talent shortage in the sector and a need for new strategies to bridge the gap? The French National Agency for the of Information Systems (ANSSI) recently released a study outlining this issue and suggesting progressive steps to address it.

Three-Step Approach to Overcome Talent Shortage

According to ANSSI's study, there are three broad steps to combat the shortage of talent in the cybersecurity sector:

  • Enhancing the understanding of the importance of strong relationships in cybersecurity jobs, particularly among the youth.
  • Improving communication on the sector to attract more talent to the industry.
  • Diversifying career paths and making career opportunities more visible.

A Need for Better Understanding and Greater Awareness

One of the major issues revealed by ANSSI's study is an alarming lack of comprehension among young individuals about the significance of cybersecurity jobs. This has been linked to a perception of the sector as overly technical and elite. A shift in focus towards better communication about the sector can help overcome this hurdle and attract a diverse pool of talent.

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Public Sector’s Role in Cybersecurity

Public sector employees have expressed concerns over their sector's lack of expertise in matters of cybersecurity. Addressing this can be achieved through the promotion of specialized cybersecurity training while in high school and appreciating skills acquired outside standard curriculum.

Improving Work Conditions and Benefits

ANSSI also draws attention to the need for an improvement in work conditions in the cybersecurity sector. This could range from encouraging a healthier work-life balance to raising social recognition. The agency also suggests that achieving parity in salaries and benefits between the public and private sectors can make careers in cybersecurity more attractive.

While some roles, such as consultancy, may offer a better balance, not all jobs in the sector share the same benefits, as per ANSSI.

The Ultimate Goal: A Secure Cyber Community

Though overcoming the talent shortage in the cybersecurity sector can be seen as a tough task, achieving this will play a significant role in strengthening the cyber community. This will ensure the safeguarding of sensitive data, both for French citizens and businesses, enhancing the overall security of information systems.

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