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Artificial Intelligence and Your Marketing?

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Artificial Intelligence and Your Marketing?

It seems everywhere we turn we are hearing more and more about the effects machine learning / Artifical Intelligence are going to have on marketing and advertising.

Many are concerned about the effects these tools could have, But are these concerns really worth worrying about? It is undebatable that machine learning and artificial intelligence can have a tremendous effect on advertising and marketing.

We’re going to explore how these tools can shape the future for marketers and how it’s important for marketers to embrace the opportunities these tools present.Many digital marketers struggle with an overflow of data, leading to them making the wrong decisions based on the right data, by not taking in all of the relevant variables and dealing with mega datasets. This is where machine learning can identify the patterns in your data that help you make the best possible decision, this is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to offer better experiences to their users.Using machine learning we can really begin to pull together factors as disparate as the time of day, or weather patterns and how these impact on your data.  This a much more scalable, efficient way of targeting, alongside this a machine learning algorithm can incorporate in real-time data thus making it more accurate. This can lead to a position where waste is minimised and you can optimise in real-time

Machine learning also has the ability to take account of what led a user to convert, by taking account of the content they consumed to highlight  Having the ability to make sense of all the different drivers involved in a consumer’s purchase process means machine learning can go beyond the audiences marketers already know are interested in their product or service, and find those individuals displaying signals of intent that marketers may never have previously considered.Uncovering new audiences with the intention to convert is where the technology really adds value for marketers; giving brands that all important competitive advantage.

There will be changes, and this can be seen with AI already challenging many preconceived notions held in the industry, it challenges a notion that we can make decisions by intuition alone, the potential to make decisions with data in real-time is the real credible strength we can see with machine learning.

With the ability to target new audiences, understand consumers’ behavioural patterns and personalise content, it’s easy to understand why so many marketers are eager to adopt a machine learning approach to their programmatic campaigns.

One thing is for sure, machine learning will only get better, smarter and more accurate with more data, and marketers have a lot to gain from adopting early.


Jason Deegan

Jason Deegan is a PhD Candidate (Stipendiat) and research fellow at the University of Stavanger. His work primarily focuses on; Innovation, Regional Studies, Smart Specialisation and Policy.

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